looking dope in yellow and orange
Singer Avril looking dope in yellow and orange
Image: instagram

Seasoned singer, Avril dropped a new jam dubbed 'Danger' two days ago featuring fast rising artist, Brandy Maina.

Danger is an afro pop feel good song that borrows it’s musical vibe from SA’s amapiano flavor.  According to the singer, 'the song tries to tell all of us to not take life too seriously.'

However, despite the singer's efforts in pushing her latest project, the video has garnered only a little over 12K views on YouTube.

Hours after it's release, danger had garnered less than a thousand views something which raised a few eyebrows given how big of a star Avril is.

One Nimrod Nick was concerned by what he was seeing and took to social media to ask what could have gone wrong for the 'Chokoza' hitmaker.

"Y'all doing Avril dirty...what could be the issue?" posed Nimrod.

Reacting to his post, Avril said she believes her songs will get more love when she dies.

"Don't worry when I die the songs I've done over time will trend at least for a while, maybe even get love. Never worry. Thanks for the post, the mockery and the love 🙌🤗"  wrote Avril.

Upon checking what Netizens think about her song's dismal performance, some attribute it to Avril's 'inconsistency' while some say Avril has lost touch with her fans and that she needs to engage them more often.

Chris Sambu: Its terrible. Sometimes artists can lose relevance when they don't engage their audiences time to time. Its inevitable !

Shivelenje Jumba: Avril is lazy.She feels entitled ,who knew kuna wimbo ametoa?when was her last interview hata kwa blogs?

Derrick Mula: When you don't engage your fans or audience and you are about to drop a project such situations always happen....I think she released the song knowing she is a brand and boom disappointments

Charity Utwoma: Hio critique should make her aim for more, hunger for more. Alipost wapi we anticipate new music. Strategies to use in marketing her element.