at the Donda2 listening party
Kanye west at the Donda2 listening party
Image: XXL mag

American rapper, Kanye West’s album Donda is under fire after one song within the project has been taken to court.

According to TMZ, Mr. West is being sued by a Texas pastor, Bishop David Paul Moten, who claims that Kanye used a portion of one of his sermons in his hit song “Come To Life.”

In documents obtained by TMZ, Moten says that more than 20 per cent of the song which translates into about 70 seconds is filled with his voice and sermon on the 5-minute and 10-seconds track.


Moten says that his voice can be heard during the intro of the song and then looped throughout the song and describes the use of such a scenario as “willfully and egregiously sampling sound recordings of others without consent or permission.”

Famous recording labels, such as UMG Recordings, Def Jam Recordings and G.O.O.D. Music have also been named in the suit and is being sued for damages.

The rapper was also accused by songwriter/producer/rapper Smoke Purpp of owing him close to $9 million of alleged unpaid songwriting credits for the Kanye and Lil Pump hit “I Love It,”.


Kanye West and his team have yet to respond to the lawsuit.

The rapper announced the debut of the second sequence of the Donda albums earlier this month with an image on social media that showed a house on stilts burning down in flames.

The structure resembled the rapper’s childhood home, a recreation of which was heavily featured during his third and final listening party for the first ‘Donda’ last year at Chicago’s Soldier Field stadium.

At the beginning of the listening party, fans and those in attendance experienced the first two hours and 45 minutes watching a continuous, pulsating heartbeat before the event properly began.

When the rapper’s actual performance began, the recreation of Kanye’s blazing childhood home took up a large part of the arena as Kanye appeared to walk on water.

Listen to the song below:

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