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Bottles of hair wash products on display and soaps
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Some of you love washing your hair on a daily well when we hop in the shower, talking about hygiene and all that but that is a big no, no.

Hold up, I'm talking about peeps with natural hair no one is gonna come for you and your braids. Although these days (thanks to most influencers) I've noticed that people have picked up the art of washing their braids and other protective styles.

Washing the hair has so many benefits from soothing the scalp to helping it grow by moisturizing to reducing flaking and much more.


However, in as much as people wash their hair most do make mistakes without even realizing it and that's why either they complain of hair not growing, flaking or something else.


Note: When choosing a shampoo ensure you go for a good quality one that is free of sulphates and parabens. 

These ingredients strip the hair more than it needs to be thus leading to grease due to overproduction of oil.


Below are some of the common mistakes that people do when it comes to washing their hair.


1) Not double shampooing.

The first shampoo removes dirt from the hair while the second wash fill and lock the hair with the nutrients and nourishing properties that are in the shampoo.

2) Failing to rinse (thoroughly) with cold water 

If you fail to rinse your hair well it not only feels but looks coated as well.

Cold water gives the hair a better shine, as it closes the hair cuticles.

3) Using a towel

The towel does frizz and damage the hair.  Especially if you rub it to dry the hair instead of patting. It also  knots up the hair making the de-tangling process hard. Instead, use a microfiber turban or a t-shirt to dry your hair. 

4) Washing your hair too often

Over-washing damages hair, it strips it of nutrients and overproduction of oil making clean hair still look greasy. It also makes one's scalp sensitive.

5) Using incorrect products for your hair

Leads to breakages and sometimes even hair loss. Plus it might not clean your hair as it ought to.