at Kiss FM studio
Kamene and Obinna at Kiss FM studio
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

We have a new set of millionaires in the country and boy oh boy how nice it must be to be them.

Like can you imagine bagging a mil in this ghetto economic hole that we are in? I wouldn't even know how to act.

In the morning breakfast show, Kamene and Obinna were marveling over the new expressway millionaires and how it must be a game-changer for them.

"Watu walienda kukimbia hapo (people showed up and went to compete there) because we had the full marathon, we had the full marathon at 42 km half marathon for 21 km then the 10 km and the 5 km," Obinna said breaking down the set Nairobi City marathon titles.  

Kamene went ahead to list the crowned winners who happened to bag the title of the newest millionaires in the city. Must be nice to have talents that set you up like that.

"Newest millionaires in can start sliding in their Dm's because I know they've already opened Instagram accounts. In the first place was Brimin Misoi who clocked in 2 hours 8 seconds and 30 milliseconds, in second place was Richard Rop who was just a second behind Brimin he clocked 2 hours and 9 seconds. And on third place was Daniel Yator also a second behind number 2 at 2 hours 10 seconds. Monies monies, monies." Kamene gushed over the top athlete's performances.


Bruh I just want to know what these guys were on! I can't even climb a two flight staircase without feeling like I'm fighting for my dear life.

Also how cool was it that these guys had intervals of just seconds?

"I'm telling you these guys have done that thing.... wamekuja wakaichapa na wakaenda nayo. Just like that. That one tells you the way life is happening," Obinna said in praise of the athletes 

"While these ones were running here, Omanyala was also doing his thing. The fastest man in Africa right now! Omanyala alichapa 9.98 now he is the fastest man in the whole African continent. He ran faster than the way the cost of flour has been rising," Obinna added.