Pritty Vishy
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Content creator Purity Vishenwa known to many as Pritty Vishy is battling depression.

Pritty has been gathering a little bit of attention from the internet ever since her relationship with singer Stivo Simple Boy went public.

She says it is hard to pretend you are okay while deep inside, you are not okay.


"Trying to fight depression is the hardest thing...coz you have to look okay while you're not. You have to smile while you're with them.."

She added that at times she cries a lot when she is alone.

"The only thing I can do better is to cry on my own and smile with them as if everything is OK but deep down am not."


Pritty Vishy first came to the limelight after a video of her and artist Stevo Simple Boy went viral.

The results left her hospitalized and she couldn't handle the good and the bad that came with the video.

She then decided to delete it because cyberbullies descended on her posts and trolled her in the comment section but from her recent interview with Mpasho, Pritty seemed to be getting along with the negative energy online.

She shared how bullies were used to referring to her as a 'Kienyeji' until she had to adapt and embrace the name.

Pritty added that she has also been trolled over her plus-size body.

However, she grew a thick skin and does not care about what people say about her body, and does not intend to hit the gym because of that.

"I used to go to the gym just to waste time because it's near where I stay. Mimi sitaki kukufa (I don't want to die)," Pritty Vishy said.

Pritty Vishy was also once a topic of discussion on The Morning Kiss with Obinna claiming that she was sliding in his DMs.

Check out the video below:

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