rapper khaligraph Jones
Internationally acclaimed Kenyan rapper khaligraph Jones
Image: Courtesy

Khaligraph Jones is a giant when it comes to the entertainment world, it is difficult to believe there was a time he wasn't known.

The East African Rapper of the year (2021) award winner took to his Instagram page to recount the rough start he had when he was an upcoming artist. 

Papa Jones said his first concert at Nyahururu was (for lack of a better term on my end) bottom-of-the-barrel trash.

He recollected how he was paid four thousand shillings instead of the agreed seven thousand because he was unknown.


Mind you, the four thousand was supposed to cater for his transport to and fro as well as accommodation. Honestly, the entertainment industry is a little scary sometimes. People have no compassion out here.

"The first time I went to Nyahururu was in 2012, a friend of mine had connections with some guys who had a gig and I went to perform. I was supposed to be paid 7k but because no one knew who I was they ended up paying me 4K. which was supposed to carter for transport to and fro. " Part of his post read.

The rap king went on to add that no accommodation was offered so he spent the rest of the night at a bus station.


"There was no accommodation so I spent the night at the bus station waiting for the first bus that was leaving for Nairobi." 

As if the incident could not get any worse, Jones revealed that the crowd did boo him off stage because they thought he was performing other artists music. 

However, all that did not deter his spirit. 10 years later Jones returned to the city and this time round he did not just kill the show, people chanted his name. Respected was accorded.

"10 years later, I am rich now God is good. Yesterday we killed at Nyahururu once more and this time the OG was respected," his Instagram post read.

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