khloe Kardashian
NBA player Tristan with his baby mama khloe Kardashian
Image: DNyuz

Would you send your ex girlfriend's mom gifts for Mother's Day gift ? Or send your ex baby mama gifts?

Well the ex baby mama makes sense because even though she is an ex she still has your offspring. C'mon! She is the mother of your child. 

I do not know about you but NBA basket ball star Tristan Thompson just did the unthinkable.

Lol, truth be told I admire the guts and audacity this tall black man carries. It is unreal.

For Mother's Day, Tristan sent the mother of his ex girlfriend and baby mama a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

And in true Kris Jenner spirit, Kris took to her social to share the gift. I think this lady feeds off drama. 

No, scratch that. She relishes it, I mean that is why she has an entire reality show dedicated to her and her family's life. 

"Thank you @realtristan13!!! I love you." The 66 year captioned her close up Instagram post of the pink and white flower arrangement.

It baffles me how the family maintains a cordial relationship with this man following the numerous times he has embarrassed them and caused Khloe so much pain.

I mean, why would my mom be publicly telling my ex that she loves him?

The ex who got another lady pregnant while we were still dating? Cheated while I was carrying his child? It is crazy.

Tristan and Khloe broke up in 2019 after dating for 3 years due to multiple cheating rumours surrounding Tristan. This dude would flourish in the streets of Nairobi.

They got back together in 2020 during the covid pandemic, (let us blame it on the stress and being scared because wueh!) But ended breaking up again in July of the following year (2021) after it was revealed that Tristan had fathered a child with a different lady.

In a weak excuse of an apology Tristan acknowledged that Khloe did not deserve the pain and humiliation that he had caused her, Mr tall dark and handsome definitely knew what he was doing. 

Ironically, the basketballer did not publicly wish Khloe a happy mothers day or send any gifts.