at Kiss FM studio
Kamene and Obinna at Kiss FM studio
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Kamene and Obinna, today, received a call from a lady who was ready to narrate her tales between her ex and their current boyfriend.

On Friday, the two were in discussion about why people, especially ladies, sometimes find it hard to let go of their exes.

The caller started off by saying, “Truth be told, I have an ex who I can’t drop because and it’s just that this is the guy that comes through for me because nikisota (when I run broke) this guy comes through for me he is basically my source of income so that’s why I can’t drop it and I don’t know why I didn’t work out for us, but I can’t lie the guy really come through for me.”


The two hosts appeared surprised as the caller continued to say, “The guy actually bought a piece of land for me and we are planning to build a house with my current boyfriend and we are not discussing more than that. Exes are a source of income!”

In addition, Obinna asked whether she still gets cozy with the ex, and in response she said, “Kwani wewe Obinna utaprovide bila ku get cozy? (According to you Obinna, can you provide for your ex without getting cozy?)” Hinting that she still gets intimate with the ex despite being in a relationship with the current boyfriend.

According to Obinna, such a scenario is considered a promotion from the main chick to the side chick since the ‘side’ enjoys more privileges compared to the main.


Kamene appeared surprised that such a habit can go on with no arguments whatsoever but Obinna assured her that he knows even more than 20 women who practice such and all involved parties are confident and optimistic about such a decision.

Check out the video conversation below: