rocking an all denim outfit in studio
Kiss Fm presenter Oga Obinna rocking an all denim outfit in studio
Image: kiss

Dating in Nairobi is an extreme sport!

No, I'm not even playing, it is like swimming in a mass of water full of sharks hoping that none of them confuse you for a seagull and decide to munch you down.

I actually feel as if I have put it more leniently. 


You wanna know how bad it is? A group comprising of some of the most talented artists came together and made a whole song about the dating scene in the city.

Have you heard the tune, "Nairobi...yule anakupea, pia ananipea...Akikuletea, ananiletea...Wanakula fare...Sote tuna-share....Ogopa sana...Nairobi."

Loosely translated, "In Nairobi, whoever you're getting it with is getting it with me as well. We are all sharing, you should fear these streets of Nairobi."


Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is the reputation we have bagged ourselves and trust levels are at an all-time zero but oohh well it is what it is.

On today's episode of Kikao with Obinna it got a little crazy.

A lady called Alice Wangui sent Obinna her boyfriend's number. She wanted Obinna to call the guy and ask him why he took and saved her best friend's number.

Being who I am I expected a cute explanation. That she would realize it wasn't an issue per se and they would get back together.

Or that the guy would show some sort of remorse and beg for forgiveness clutching on the fact that it was harmless but shock on me!

I think audacity in this country is off the charts because today's segment was just crazy.

"There was a bash we went together, I danced with the friend and she had more vibes and I figured I wanted the friend more than my girlfriend," Omar*, the boyfriend said during his phone call with Obinna.

"My girlfriend was boring, you can not go to a party and just chill over there being boring all quiet like a statue and stuff. I do not even want her anymore,"  the man ranted.

"So you have left your girlfriend for her best friend? Na hauogopi?" Obinna asked the young man clearly puzzled and as shocked as the rest of the listeners were.

Omare slyly replied, " Si you know how Nairobi is," as casually as if he was commenting on the weather.

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