Kamene Goro
Kiss fm presenter Kamene Goro
Image: Capital news

Radio queen and chair lady of the baby girl association Kamene Goro came out dishing big sister advice to all the babes out there.

Her main point was for ladies to learn to put themselves first. Learn to do things for you in between the hustle of life and everything in between.

"Whatever capacity you are in as a woman sometimes your responsibilities get ahead of you to the point where a whole day can pass without you having done anything for yourself. In the least just one thing," Kamene ranted. 


She went ahead to give example from her personal life and what motivated her to come up with the topic for today's babe segment.

"For the past one month, I feel like I have been juggling everyone's issues. From work to issues at home, businesses, Obinna coming on board I felt like I was just moving around my life for the past month juggling issue after issue and this restricted my creativity and I was struggling to deliver at work, especially with content," Kamene shared as she highlighted how being invested in everyone else minus yourself can weigh one down.

Kamene added that she ended up getting eye bags and constantly woke up tired because she was not doing anything for herself.


She realized being focused on everyone else minus yourself is a lack of self-love because you have to come first even amidst chaos and responsibilities.

And on that note, she realized that her body was fatigued and she didn't have the energy to continue. "Yesterday when I got in I realized my body was shutting down. I told myself that my body has 'refused'. It is used up."

She posed a challenge to babes across to learn to do something for themselves every single day. Emphasizing that it does not have to be something extravagant.

Taking care of yourself is something as small as taking a nap, getting your nails done, deciding to order in or go eat out as opposed to cooking, taking a solo road trip, binging on your favourite series or reality show.

Stop just existing and learn to live, thank your body for carrying you through. 

"Do one thing for yourself so as not to lose the essence of who you are and the best parts of you," the radio queen finished.