Kamene and Obinna
Kiss fm breakfast show presenters Kamene and Obinna
Image: Kiss 100 Kenya

People have been freaking out following the news that KRA is setting up an advanced digital forensic laboratory that will target forensic acquisition, extraction, and discovery of electronic evidence from taxpayers’ computers and mobile phones.

It is believed that KRA will be able to mine data, including hidden texts, video, audio, image files, and other transactional data on hard disks and other storage media from taxpayers’ computers and mobile phones to detect tax and financial fraud.

In regards to the news, hosts Kamene and Obinna dived into the matter at hand sharing views on how they think this will affect Nairobi babes specifically.


Kamene shared that Wababa (the stingy ones to be exact) are about to be at an advantage.

The Wababa, if clever are about to ride this wave and ensure that they are the ones at an advantage and calling the shots.


"Madem sasa should not ask for money.... eehh nisaidie 4k, 5k, 50 k and all that....please do not be sending me these messages on WhatsApp, manze KRA wanaangalia. You know messages are also not protected so do not do that. Calls are also traceable so do not ask me for money over the phone. What you have to do is come see me physically so as to get the money," Kamene said.


Amidst laughter, her co-host Obinna seemed to second her thinking process adding that money should be picked physically. 

Kamene getting animated added how these men are going to milk this whole issue citing it as a reason for not sending money over the phone.


"Sitaki shida na watu wa KRA kabisaa so stop asking for money over the phone. KRA are really bringing trouble... I don't want problems. You look for me personally then we'll see how we will sort each other." 

However, Obinna had his reservations about the said plan saying, "Haiwezi bro, haiwezi... Because when you look at the employees visa vis the citizens tuko wengi. Sasa kukuja one on one, haiwezi."

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