Kamene and obinna
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There has been a frequent debate on why men expect something in return after buying a gift for ladies.

On the one hand, ladies are firmly saying that men shouldn’t ask for something in return but instead leave it for the lady to decide.

On today’s Morning Kiss, Obinna was in a debate with Kamene after she said that men complain that everything is expensive.

The comedian made it clear that men will always expect something in return.


Mwanaume hawezi nunulia kitu mwanamke for free, (A man cannot buy anything for a woman for free), Kamene take this to the bank, there is no man who can get anything for any woman for free unless it is your mother…” said Obinna.

In an explanation of his thesis, Obinna said, “Even your mother you don’t do it for free, why you do it is because you are paying back the goodness your mother did raising you.”

So you are telling baby girl not to receive any gifts from a man?” Asked Kamene.


In response, Obinna said, “No! receive my sister but also when they come collect also be sure to also allow them to receive because they say, Mkono mtupu haulambwi or shilling yamulika nyingine.

During a previous conversation on the Morning Kiss, Kamene wondered how ladies across the country are so comfortable not looking for jobs but instead rely on other people's sweat especially Wababaz.

Her main concern? Would these ladies survive should the sponsors decide to pull the plug?

"Babe where you are at with your life, with or without this ninja umejipanga? Or you are going to go back to square one? When you look at him right now do you see like this is your end game that this how it's how it's always going to be? You are banking on him for the rest of your life?" posed Kamene.

Obinna said he knows at least 10 women who live in Kileleshwa, Kilimani and other posh neighborhoods who don't do anything, but have wababaz to help fund their lifestyle which they flex on Instagram.

Check out the video conversation below:

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