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Richest man in the world Elon musk
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The richest man on earth Elon Musk who happens to have placed a bid to buy one of the biggest social media house, ( for a crazy 44 billion dollars, I do not even have the energy to convert that into Kenyan shilings)  twitter just revealed his crazy plans once his bid goes through.

The bid is supposedly set to be finalized in  the next two to three months.

Elon announced that he plans to reverse former USA president Donald Trump ban on twitter. He said that the ban morally wrong.


"It was morally wrong and flat-out stupid", Mr Musk said. He insisted bans should be temporary or the tweet removed/ made invisible. 

Early last year, (in January to be specific) Twitter made the decision to ban the former president. Which did not come as a surprise because do you all remember the tweets Trump used to post?

And he had a PR team? How now? 


I feel like maybe he had a secret phone and used to sneak and write the tweets when his P.A or detail team was not looking. 

In the said year, Twitter announced that Mr Trump's account was "permanently suspended... due to the risk of further incitement of violence" this was after the storming of the Capitol where Trump's supporters violently tried to prevent lawmakers from certifying president Joe Biden's election victory..

Folowing the attack, Trump tweeted saying, "These patriots did nothing wrong."

Even with all the craziness surrounding the former presidents twitter account and the reasoning behind his ban from the social media platform Elon is willing to give him a comeback.

The Tesla owner said: "I would reverse the permanent ban but I don't own Twitter yet so this is not a thing that will definitely happen."

We all know that is a tease as he is expected to own the powerhouse in a few months.

However, Trump had said that he would not return to the social media platform even though they reinstated his account.

Let us sit still and see how this unfolds in the next few months. 

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