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Following a very successful concert in Kenya, there has been a lot of interest in Nigerian superstar Rema.

Rema had a sitdown with a Zambian vlogger and answered a 22-question interview in celebration of Rema’s 22nd birthday.

First, Lombe Posa asked the Calm down hitmaker how he likes his cereals, whether with warm milk or cold and to her surprise, Rema prefers his cereals with warm milk.

Rema first said that he doesn’t eat cereals, “I don’t eat cereals because it is bad for me but in the event of being forced to eat one, I prefer warm. This is because I can’t wait and watch the whole meal swirl I just want to eat it as a quick snack.

Rema also jokingly advocated for people to take their cereals warm as he said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, eat your cereals warm.

The singer revealed that he discovered his love for music at the age of 13, adding that he used to feel better when he wrote songs and drew.

Asked about what people think about him but is actually untrue, the artist said, “That I have dated some video vixens in my music videos.”

He expounded saying that because he gets too close with his video vixens, people often assume that they have had a history.

Rema said that ‘love’, from his album 'Rave and Roses', is so far his favorite song and even elaborated on why.

I was on a face time with a girl when I was recording the song, the creative process first of all was so amazing and I Literally just gained every inspiration from her face time call.” He said.

Rema became a force to reckon with in the industry after releasing his self-titled, Rema, which contains hit singles like Calm down and Iron Man.

The talented singer is also known by the nickname, Rave Lordé and his fanbase are known as Ravers.

Check out the full interview below:

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