actress Frida Kajalla
Bongo artist Harmonize with his ex girlfriend actress Frida Kajalla
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Even after actress Kajala branded Harmonize a rotten fruit and claimed she would not be going back to the Bongo superstar, Harmonize is not giving up. 

The 'Atarudi' hit-maker has been making grand gestures from buying expensive jewellery to putting up an entire billboard apologizing to Kajala while begging her to take him back.

Harmonize posted a video of himself standing next to Range Rovers with Kajala's name as the number plate.

In the said video as he apologizes and begs for her to come back he insisted that she should not worry about what haters have to say in regards to their relationship.

"Do not be afraid that people will say you came back to me because of all these material things I have bought you all the cars. No one knows us and our relationship, no one knows how we used to live together and all the support that you have shown me, and I did not even buy you a bicycle. You housed me for months, " Harmonize told Kajala humbly.

He captioned the video, " I'M SORRY I LOVE YOU ❤️ 💕❤️ MY BOSS LADY WINNIE FRIDA."

He also added that he still loved the actress and wished for her to take him back and that they would go back to the way things were. 

Noting that he understood she is not a material girl but he needed to do the grand gestures to communicate his feelings for her.

"I feel like you deserve everything I have. I love you so much and I miss you so much so come back home and God will bless us abundantly," begged Harmonize.

The singer and Kajala broke up last year over claims of infidelity, the musician being selfish and the fact that it was rumoured that Harmonize was hitting on Kajala's young daughter.

But it seems the artist is apologetic and really trying to win his ex back.

Kajala has not responded to this recent expression of Harmonize's apology. 

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