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First dates can really be a piece of work depending on your date. The two of you might be really vibing in the DM or the late night phone calls ight be magical only for them to make things weird when you go on your first date.

Despite the two of you being deep into knowing each other and nurturing that spark growing between you, first dates are meant to help you know each other way more and have a clear read of the person you are dealing with.

But if you guys make it awkward from the word go, then it kills the chemistry and obviously your potential relationship comes to a crashing halt and you go back to talking stages with other people.

Kiss FM Drive presenter, Cyd Wambui gave her listeners a few tips that will make sure their first dates go well and build a long lasting foundation between potential lovers. 

"The first date determines a lot, it determines whether you will continue to see this person or you will continue being single," says Cyd.Below are some of the tips she gave out to help guide  you.

Tip 1. Avoid interview questions

Cyd says, "leave your list of questions at home, there are people who ask intense questions like; 'What diseases run in your family?' Wachana na hizo maswali. She says such interview-like questions end up ruining most first dates. 

Tip 2. Avoid bringing up your ex 

We all know that no one wants to hear ex stories of the person you are trying to pursue because it gives some sort of vibes that indicate they may not have moved on yet.

Cyd advises that, "In whatever you do don't try and talk about you ex you might turn off your date."

Tip 3. let loose and enjoy the vibes

"Be yourself enjoy the vibes let the date be organic because that is the only way you can connect with this person that you are trying to know more," said Cyd.

Probably the most important tip to help you let lose a bit is that the two of you should probably start the date by taking a couple of Tequila shots even before you order your food. That way everything will just flow and it will kick out any awkwardness.

Check out the video below;