in a private jet
Diamond platnumz in a private jet
Image: diamond platnumz

A couple of days ago, WCB CEO, Diamond Platnumz revealed that he is planning to buy himself a private jet this year.

This, he announced while wishing his manager Sallam SK a happy birthday.

The flamboyant artist shared a file photo of the day he purchased a brand new zero mileage 2021 Rolls Royce Black Badge. He revealed that it was his dream car.

"We bought a 2021 Rolls Royce Black Bedge Zero killometre last Year, and we buying a Private Jet this Year!!! ✈ ... that’s the definition of having the best management!...! it's my Manager @sallam_sk 's Birthday and we party hard at UPEPO GARDEN tonight!! #StanLee #MendezBirthday #FOA,."

Diamond is currently in Ivory Coast on a world tour to promote his recently released EP, FOA (First of all).

Speaking to members from the fourth estate, the 'Mtasubiri' hit maker revealed that he was planning to buy a new jet probably before his birthday which falls on 2nd October.

But what is the reason behind this costly move?

"I am buying a jet not because I want to show off but because I have to. Look, at my world tours now I have a lot of shows, I have to be flying like sometimes to three different countries," explained Diamond.

If you look at the number of people I am travelling with and the amount I spend on airlines it is best if I buy my own jet. And I will be saving a lot of money."

During his press conference, one Diamond super fan stole the show when he knelt before him, tearfully expressing his joy after meeting his idol.

The local musician who was accompanied by his manager, brought the Tanzanian flag with him and ended up gifting Diamond a portrait of himself.

"We are from Ivory Coast and we have come all the way from San Pedro to meet our idol Diamond Platnumz and it took us 6-hours to get here," said the singer's manager

Adding, We have been following Diamond Platnumz for ten years now across all his social media platforms.

Check out the video below;