and her fiance with their child
Anne Kansiime and her fiance with their child
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Ugandan comedy star, Anne Kansiime is planning to have a second child.

The mother of one who was speaking on her YouTube channel said her fiance Skylanta is not aware of her plans and that she is doing everything possible.

The two love birds welcomed their first born child, a boy in April 2021.They named  their son Selassie King.


“I am trying for a second child although my husband doesn’t know. Motherhood is currently my profession and am enjoying it,” she said.

In the past, Kansiime revealed that she had trouble conceiving her first child saying her baby is a miracle and he taught her a very valuable lesson about God.

"The experience of having my first child has shown me to wait on God," she said.


"I do not know what I want, I don't know when I will get what I want. I just pray for grace and good health."

The celebrated comedienne revealed that if it were up to her she would want one more child but if she were asked about the number of kids she would have, she said it would only depend on God.

"If God wants me to get 12 children, I will. If he wants me to get two, I will," she said.

Kansiime who always shares about her motherhood journey also opened up about how painful breastfeeding was for at the beginning. She said she was doing it wrong before she got to master how to do it properly.

“I thank God for the lock down it has enabled me to be able to nurse my new born baby. I don’t know if it’s because I had waited for so long to have a baby, I promised to do everything possible for him.

Breastfeeding was painful for me as I was doing it wrongly. I had a lactation specialist who was teaching me on how to breastfeed but the baby came before I could learn as much as I could.

The second day after I gave birth I felt so much pain, I have never been in such pain. I had made up my mind to exclusively breastfeed even if it meant using straws.”