Nate, Jabu and Naila
Boniface Mwangi, his wife and their children Nate, Jabu and Naila
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Boniface Mwangi and his entire clan are over the moon today as they celebrate yet another birthday.

Today marks Boni and Njeri's first born son, Nate Simphiwe's 15th birthday.

To mark this special day, Boni shared a throwback photo of him and his wife, Njeri holding baby Nate, the day they welcomed him to this world.

Boni reveals that Nate made him a dad at only 23 years and ever since that day, he has been their 'source of joy' 

The human rights activist says he can't wait for three more years when Nate will officially become an adult and leave the nest.

He wrote, This young man is 15 years today. He made me a dad at 23 years. He has been a source of joy in our lives. We have only 3 birthdays left together before he turns 18 and leaves the nest. Time flies, spend time with those you love because a time comes when they won't be there.


Boni and Njeri have three kids together, Nate, Naila and Jabu.

Two months ago, the lovely couple celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary and the two continue to prove that theirs is a genuine love that has never withered since the first time the two met.

Celebrating their auspicious day, Boni said God created Njeri for him and he would marry her over and over again.

'I have known this incredible woman @njerikan for 16 years. I’m a better human being because Njeri is in my life. If l had to do life all over again, I would still marry her. I know God loves me because He created Njeri for me. I love her to bits.'

For her part Njeri was greatful for their love and their wild journey.

'Feels like yesterday… Just 14 years ago today I said I do to a love affair and to adventure. Mi I never imagined in my wildest dreams it would be this wild! I am glad to still do life with you and I pray that we do more together. To so many more!! Happy Anniversary my love 🤗'