Hamisa Mobetto
Tanzanian actor and musician Hamisa Mobetto
Image: Courtesy

I guess Diamond really does pick the same lady just a different nationality or from a different city. Point of view, look at all his baby mamas, how many are musicians or actors?

Yeah… you see where I am going with this?

Well, one of his ex/ baby mamas is making a comeback.


Hamisa Mobeto, is set to drop an Ep. The news comes over a year after she released her last song.

The mother of two told Tanzanian blogs that something was cooking and that they should expect something good very soon.


However, she did not give a definite date of when the EP would be released.


On the question of whether she would be following her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz's footsteps as he released an EP dubbed FOA - First of All this yeah she low key threw shade.

"Not aware of how he planned his music" adding that she is only interested in her songs.

Hamisa went on to add, “What can I say?  I'm on a timetable. I am doing other things and I'm trying to balance all the other things I am doing with my ambassadorships.  I have been in talks with my management about it and next week I will release my EP. It will be my first ever EP."

Hamisa went on to tease about collaborations she had done without mentioning any artists she had on.

"There are so many songs on the EP, I have done so many collaborations so it is up to us to choose what to release and what will go to the main album and the EP. And since our timetable doesn't allow for an album, we will release an EP first."

Hamisa also addressed the fact that she has been lucky to land endorsement deals - with Rick Ross's alcohol brand.

Addressing the endorsement, she said, "When you are dedicated and work hard, these companies will take notice of you and I believe that is what has happened to me.

These companies research how you represent yourself online and the content you share. If it aligns with their vision, then they work with you.

"Social media is like a field. If you use social media for good then you will land jobs, It all depends on how you use it." She added.

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