at a past event
Lori Harvey at a past event
Image: Kadehe

Lori Harvey is the latest celebrity to get dragged through the mud for detailing her weight-loss Journey.

The model and influencer hopped on TikTok recently to outline a diet and exercise regimen she used to lose a ton of weight, upwards of 6.8 kgs.

In wanting to share some knowledge, sometimes Lory Harvey overshares and it completely backfired on her.


She said that she's been doing Pilates consistently for the past year or so but when she was in weight-loss mode, she was doing more than just that and included lots of cardio.

Lori says she went on a calorie deficit, taking in just 1,200 calories a day or so during this period and she added that it's here where she's catching a ton of flak.

Many are criticizing her for promoting what they consider unhealthy crash dieting methods.

They argue that it is actually hurtful for people who might follow Lori's lead, seeing how many fans she has and how influential she is.

There was also some chiming in about society's fear of fat, claiming that Hollywood is obsessed with warped and unrealistic body images that also do a lot of harm to society at large.

Kim Kardashian has also been blasted, of late, for announcing she dropped 7 kgs in a matter of two weeks just to fit into the Marilyn Monroe dress for the Met Gala.

While it's unclear how fast Lori lost her weight, she's receiving the same reception.

Funny thing is that an equal amount of people are defending her arguing that she simply answered a question her fans had inquired about.

It looks like Lori predicted the backlash because she followed up on her video with a comment essentially saying this plan worked for her.

She added that she's not necessarily encouraging others to do the same as everyone's body and nutrition needs are vastly different.

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