and her fiance with their child
Anne Kansiime and her fiance with their child
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Anne Kansiime, a Ugandan Comedian and TV host, has revealed how she is keeping her mum's memories.

The entertainer lost her mum in June last year and her dad died in January this year.

Her mum died two months after she welcomed her son in April last year.


While speaking on her YouTube channel, Kansiime said she hasn't come to terms with the demise of her parents.

In the episode, 'Glass of Happiness', she said that it was one of the most overwhelming situations in her entire life.

Kansiime bemoaned the fact that her father had died so soon after her mom, yet she hadn't still processed that death yet.


She added during the episode that she hoped she had another chance to see my parents again.

The popular comedian addressed her complicated relationship with her mother which most of her fans already knew.

She added that as most women knew, relationships between girls and their mothers can be a hurdle to navigate.

"Chances are that you don't like the way they are strict until you go through things and you know she is a hero."

Kansiime recounted moments when she was a young girl being raised by strict mum, indicating that there were times where her mum would give teachers the permission to beat her up every day.

"She was so sick that you could see it in her eyes that she wanted to be dead. She was tired of being loved and taken care of."

The TV personality said recounting that her mum fell sick during Covid.

Her mum brightened up when Kansiime told her she was pregnant and Kansiime felt a little bit sad since the mother only had a chance to talk to the child via a video call and not face to face.

Kansiime encouraged her fans to treasure their parents while they are still alive.

Kansiime continued to narrate as she recalls when she told her mum her first marriage had hit the rocks, her mum said she was going to stand in that gap and pray for her as she wanted her to be happy.

Kansiime added that  the loss of her parents made her appreciate life even more as she proudly said that she is 'eating life with a big spoon and I am not apologetic about that'

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