Purity Wangechi
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Trainees from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communications are today expected to hold a mass in honour of slain student Purity Wangechi.

The body of Purity had stab wounds and strangulation marks when it was discovered on Saturday morning by the roadside, in Kiambu.

Sources say that the 19-year-old met her painful death after she discovered that the man she was falling for was a dangerous man and confronted him.


 Students at the Kenya School of Mass Communication said they will hold a candlelight memorial service for their colleague at the main campus as they issued a statement condemning the act.

John Wanyoike Kibungi alias VDJ Flexx, who was the boyfriend to Purity, together with two other accomplices Kinaiya Kamau and Brendan Muchiri were arraigned at the Kiambu law courts Monday morning.

Detectives were granted 14 days to detain them as they conduct their investigations.

Wangechi had fallen in love with the killer and they had been in a relationship for some time before she discovered that he was a thug.


She confronted him about it and reports say that the conversation lead to a misunderstanding between the two and little did she know that her lover was determined to cover his tracks by ending her life.

According to police, Wangeci left the media training institution to meet John in Kirigiti in pursuit to strengthen their love. She did not know that she was walking into a death trap.

Following a statement issued by directives, officers recovered a vegetable knife that was carefully concealed in his waistband and which was used in stabbing the innocent teenage student.

Detectives got to secure the scene of the murder which was later preserved for forensic examination by Crime scene personnel based at the DCI National Forensic Laboratory.

Rest In Peace Purity Wangeci.

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