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Weasel kissing Chameleone on stage
Image: Instagram

Lyrical duo and brothers Joseph Mayanja popularly known by his stage name, Jose Chameleon and Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel, left fans confused after the two kissed on the lips while on stage.

This happened during a concert in Bujumbura, Burundi where the two brothers were performing.

Weasel posted the picture of him and his brother Chameleon kissing on the lips on stage in front of an excited audience and captioned it “FOREVER AND EVER.”


Following this, radio duo Chito and Obinna divided into the subjecting trying to dissect if this was brotherly love and if the expression in itself, especially for Africans, was a little too much.


Singing the chorus of 'Bread and Butter' by Weasel, Obinna revealed how weird it was, and personally, he would never do it.

Not even a hug, "You're the bread and butter... alafu akampatia butter ( he then gave him actual butter.) Mimi nijikute, me looking at my.... aaahh mimi brother yangu, ata hug. Nobody is getting nothing. Shake mkono na ukae huko, (lets do a handshake and everyone stays in their lane)."


"What toxic brotherhood is this?" Chito asked amidst laughter and amusement.

Obinna defended himself letting it be known that to him it was unimaginable, "It is not toxic I just don't see myself kissing my brother, How? Why should I?"

"But you are saying even a hug, you can not hug your brother? Can you tell your brother you love him?" Chito asked fascinated with Obinna's stance.


Obinna insisted that his answer was still a 'No' and was actually shocked that Chito expected him to tell his brother that he loves him.

"I don't tell you, I show you. When I lend you money that is love, when I house you in my house, that is love."

"So, I just call my brother and be like so bro I love you?" Obinna asked.

Chito insisted that it is important once in a while for one to call his bros and be like, "Hey bro I just wanted to let you know I love you. I got your back, 

"It is important that is confidence is in your masculinity," Chito added.

"Okay and your parents?" a seemingly confused Obinna asked Chito.

Chito asked for clarification and Obinna stated that he wanted to know if Chito says the big L word to his folks.

"Okay, for me my mother died, I call my dad pops and I tell him I love him. It is important to express love to one another," Chito defended his stance

"This is the problem of growing up in a family with money, when you grow up around wealth, you start thinking that you and your parents are friends," Obinna said laughing.

This is not the first time the two have openly shared a kiss, way back in 2016 during a concert in Kampala, Chameleon walked onto the stage and kissed his brother Weasel to which the crowd got wild.