Murugi Munyi also reffered to as Yummy mummy
Kenyan content creator Murugi Munyi also reffered to as Yummy mummy

Popular content creator Murugi Munyi formerly known as Yummy Mummy recently revealed that her crazy knows no bounds.

Murugi revealed that she once lied to a man that she had his baby and asked him for abortion money.

No, she wasn't in dire need or in a predicament of any sort, she just wanted to go out and have a good time.


Murugi posted the story on her Instagram story's as she reacted to over 25's Just Ivy Instagram QnA, "What's the most broke thing you have ever done?"

The content creator said she had to lie to her man back then that she was expectant so that he would send her money for her to go party.

The mother of three wrote, " I too have been there. I once lied to a man about being pregnant so I can use the abortion money to go out that weekend!" 


"Sir, if you are reading this, there was no baby. But anyway..." she added.

Another user shared a response similar to Munyi's saying, " I had unprotected s3x with this guy just so I could use the P2 money to retoutch my locs in 1st year." 

Munyi's response gathered a mixture of reactions online, especially from women. 

While some admitted to ever doing the same thing and being in the same position at a time in their life while others decided to be holier than though throwing stones at the content creator. 

Below are some of the reactions: 

low_rraine: From a woman's perspective... Not OK!!!

winnyoduor: I used mine kwenda saloon na swimo

destinywithkanje: I used my 'abortion' money to but a woofer for my house

rajini_nicholas: she has more red flags more than a Chinese communist flag

you_need_alicia : msijifanye y'all haven't done this please 

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