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‘How to treat a woman’ has been a narrative since time immemorial where some individuals follow their own advice while others keenly take note from novels and articles written on relationships.

On The Morning Kiss show, Kamene shared tips on how to rightfully treat a woman.

Following events where celebrity entrepreneur, Jimal, shared on social media how independent women are toxic, the female host advised men on treating a woman how she would treat herself.


Clearly there is a saying that say, treat me like I would treat me," dhe said.

Adding, "Boy child, by the time you are walking into a babe’s life, especially a babe who is above 25 years, please don’t come in her life to try to change things.

"Because by the time she is 25 she has already figured it out and she knows what she wants,” said Kamene.

She advised that whenever a guy wants to settle in a relationship with girl, he should just align with her culture and avoid trying to change her.

Obinna was in agreement with Kamene as he added that he advocates for marriage between people above the age of 27 because according to him, by then a person has already made the decision which leaves men no choice but to fit in her system.


"You can’t teach an old dog new tricks or rather you can’t teach an old girl new streaks, however, as a man, you are supposed to make the life of the woman in your life better." Argued Obinna.

He continued, "So you get a 25 year old girl, but you see what she is doing is not good, now you want to change her into  a better person but you can’t change her because you need to treat her like she treats herself.” 

Check out the video conversation below:

For a mature lady to say she is ready, it means that she has ruled out every outcome possible and is aware of the consequences for their doing hence it is best, as a man, try as much and fit in her life without making your own adjustments.

It is also advised for women to also follow the same rule.

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