Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Kiss FM presenter, Oga Obinna has opened up on his relationship with his father.

Obinna, who rarely discuss his parents, said he would love for his mum’s whereabouts to remain unspoken to the public but prefers talking more about his father.

I have spoken a lot about Obinna’s dad but I rarely talk about Obinna’s mum, I want Obinna’s mum to remain a mystery,” he stated.


Obinna was not always in good terms with his father for many years and he revealed that he had mended things but the relationship took a turn again and that they are not in good terms at the moment.

We are not talking again, I'm the type of person who holds grudges for many years and when he kicked me out of his home I held that grudge,” Obinna stated.

The host added that when things were good between them, he built his dad a house and bought him a car.


A situation happened in the family WhatsApp group, and he came guns blazing towards me. I was not the one with the mistake, and he had heard stories from one side. I listened to the voice note and tried to explain to him what had happened. I even told him I was trying to remedy the situation, but he continued unloading and I also unloaded and told him off,” Obina explained.

Obinna revealed that the situation pushed him away from his father, noting that he is focusing on his own life.

It was very bad and I was like ‘everybody back to their corner, don’t call me and don’t talk to me’. So I decided to cut him off again and focus on my life. I blocked and exited the group, and we are back to where we began,” Obinna said.

The comedian has previously spoken about his serious life struggles that took him to dark places in his life but advised others not to get devastated over the social pressures of life.

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