Kamene and Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Can you remember where and how you spent your first salary? Did you save it, did you blow it all, was it too little to even cater for your needs?

Kamene can remember how she spent her first salo and it probably isn't how you expected her to. She says she had never earned 30,000 and once she got hold of it she blew it on sherehe.

"I went to the bank and withdrew all of it cash all of 30K I wanted to feel and see how 30K of my money feels," Kamene said. Long story short do you know where that thirty thousand went? It went into one night full of wining and dining."

It looks like Kamene wasn't the only one who made a mistake with her first salary because her co-host Obinna also had his fair share of bad decisions.

"Mimi the first mistake I have made is women. You know why I always say nevergive women money, madem walinionyesha," narrated Obinna.

He says he used to work as an office messenger who used a motorbike and used to be paid fairly well.

"My salary was a whooping Ksh10,000 and my rent was Ksh4,000 but I never got to pay rent because of a lady who wanted me to take her on a ride with my nduthi," he said.

Just know that I didn't pay rent and I ate all my salo on the same day I was paid and the chic I was with I never saw her again and I didn't achieve any of my achievements."

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