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A lot of Kenyan artists have come out to say that a number of supporters tend to feel so entitled after promoting your brand or business.

Obinna’s story is no different as he happened to encounter such an incident on Wednesday during his show in a nightclub.

The Morning Kiss host started on narrating how a group of ladies came and sat at his table, in the company of friends, and started demanding Obinna not only pay for the drinks but also for the taxi ride home.


There are these ladies in Nairobi who go out and they don’t carry jumpers or sweaters and the weather has been very shifty and then they start looking at your jumper like they want to have it, excuse you I carried it for me.” He started.

Kamene further asked Obinna whether he found himself in a situation where he paid some ladies’ bills which the comedian added, “Hata niliwalipia taxi, (I even paid for their taxi)”.

They came two of them and started telling me that,’ eii my phone has been stolen you know now I don’t know how I will get home and she lives in Great wall, do you know how much taxi charges to Arthi River?” he explained as he imitated their voices.


He continued to say that the lady, who had first requested for money, started saying that Obinna should send the cash on her best friend’s phone.

What amazed Kamene was how does someone come all the way from Athi River to Ngong Road to party, leaving behind a number of excellent rated clubs along the way.

The comedian extended the narrative as he said that the woman was depending on Obinna because she came to support him in his event which left the presenter wondering why Kenyans feel like when they support you, you owe them.

Kamene advised Obinna to stop paying the bills whatever the situation because he can’t make money while still paying other people’s bills.

Check out the video conversation below:

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