cyd wambui in kiss studio with Chito
cyd wambui in kiss studio with Chito
Image: Kiss FM

If you thought you had it bad well think again because according to Chito and Cyd in Zimbabwe people are apparently selling their toes to make money.

Yes, people, you read that correctly!

I know, I was equally stunned when I heard the story.

Cyd narrated the story that started trending online after photos emerged on social media, " so people have started selling their toes, for thousands of dollars... I think it is like on the black market," she said. 


"Of course, that is the black market," Chito quipped because as we all know around the world human organ sales are illegal.


"There are no jobs, the economic times are stuff... and that kabig toe, the thumb of the foot you know is going for 40 thousand dollars while the kasmall one, the last one is going for 20 thousand dollars," Cyd continued with her narration. 


Chito could not hold his disbelief and excitement, "so that big toe goes for is 4.6million shillings... hiyo ni nyumba rongai. So nikitoa zote mbili...." 

Cyd tried telling Chito that he can not sell both, but she did not get to give her reasons before the guy asked him what purpose toes served.

And a stunned Cyd could only but laugh.

" Who told you the purpose of the big toe. Even the small one, it just stays there. Its work is to just get hit on corners and tables," Chito said. 

And Cyd was immediately sold as she added, " why do you need toes when you can make money? Sign me up!" 

Chito realizing his mistake went ahead to try and dissuade Cyd from the idea telling her that things were not as bad considering it is the beginning of the month and well-working people just got paid.

But Cyd was not having it.

She jokingly added, " even if they want my fingers let them name their price."

Police in Zimbabwe issued a statement saying they're investigating the possible trafficking of human body parts, following reports that people are selling their toes to people who use them for ritual purposes.

This is after unverified screenshots spreading around on social media apps suggesting that people are selling their toes for as much as US$40,000 for the big toe, US$25,000 for the middle toe and US$10,000 for the tiny toe. 

The toes apparently can also be exchanged for cars such as Toyota Hilux GD6s.

Would you sell your body parts to make a living?

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