Huddah the Boss Chick and Juma Jux
Image: Mpasho

Over the past few weeks, Huddah the Boss chic caught the attention of many for starring as a video vixen for Tanzanian singer, Juma Jux.

The video, Simuachi, was released about two weeks ago which showcased Huddah the Boss Chick aggressively touching Juma Jux.

Photos have been circulating all over social media of the two kissing.


However, yesterday Juma Jux posted a two-sided photo collage with a friendly picture of the two holding hands on one side and the ‘Photoshop’ kissing photo, on the other.

The post was accompanied by a caption from Juma Jux that read, “#Friendzone 2020 Vs 2022 #Simuachi.” But what amazed me a lot was Huddah’s comment on the post where she wrote, “NAKUJA THIS SATURDAY UNITOE NYEGE” which translates to, I am coming this Saturday we get cosy together.

 This drama dates back to May the 16th when Huddah had shared a pic of them kissing (the one netizens are saying it's Photoshopped). This had people reacting.


Juma Jux, still on May 16th,  told the media in a press conference that he wasn't dating Huddah.

He said that they were very good friends who hang out a lot.

But he was challenged about their association when a very suggestive video of the two emerged online. He laughed and shook his head in denial.

"I am in a relationship and I know Huddah is dating. So the question of the two of us dating does not arise. But I will answer this question some more another day. Anything can happen."

"Ati a video showing her wearing my coat? Koti hata mimi ukifuatilia kila mtu anaweza nunua koti. She is my friend and the two of us have met many times inaweza kuwa sio South Africa, kwa nini South Africa? She is my friend just like others are my friends."

Adding, "If I was spotted with her or met her It could be normal just as friends do meet and hang out."

But as we know with Huddah, she loves fueling rumours and will not stop as the team promotes this song.

Check out the post below:

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