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if you thought Zimbabweans apparently chopping off and  selling their toes for money was bizarre then you are not ready for our Tanzanian brothers.

Believe it or not, Tanzanian men have been using breast milk to help them deal with hangovers.

Tanzanian legislators sent netizens into hysteria over a move they've made to curb men's enthusiasm for breast milk.


On Monday evening parliamentarians during their seating termed men competing with children for breast milk as abusive.

Special seats MP, Jacquiline Msongozi, said Tanzanian men take the breast milk because it has been discovered that certain nutrients in milk have the capacity to help cure hangovers.

"According to superstition in this country, breast milk can help men with building muscle and also help them with their performance," she said.


She issued a stern warning to men saying they are denying children breast milk and thus contributing to malnutrition and stunted growth among children.

"This has happened in several regions. I urge the ministry to conduct research there are men who demand to suckle their wives while breastfeeding."

Jacquiline also called for sensitization campaigns to educate men that what they're doing is wrong.

A study that was conducted in 2020 by the Kyambogo University in Kampala and Britain’s University of Kent, by Dr. Rowena Merritt and Dr. Peter Rukundo, revealed that many people believed that breastmilk can cure diseases like HIV. 

The study aided by Global Challenges Research Fund suggested that men were breastfed once a day before the baby is fed.

Women according to the findings were not asked if they want to feed their partners; the partner simply initiates it and interprets silence as agreement.

The men sampled in this research said that they breastfeed to get relief from stress while it energised others.

When asked if he was concerned that the mother would become exhausted or that the infant would not receive the milk it deserved, one man replied, “If you feed a cow well, they produce a lot of milk. I take good care of my wife.

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