cyd wambui in kiss studio with Chito
cyd wambui in kiss studio with Chito

Nasa recently found a planet that is extremely close to its star (the equivalent of our sun) it is about 1/25th the distance between the sun and Mercury. And this close proximity is why the planet is being dubbed hell.

Chito narrated the discovery to Cyd as they both shared their thoughts on the discovery. 

"Nasa has found something interesting... Nasa went too close to the sun... light years from where we are as the earth they found something they are calling it the super-earth," Chito said. 


"And this earth called super-earth they are speculating could be hell because that place is hot.

Imagine how we are closer to the sun an entire year, to super-earth it is just a few hours ." Chito added.

The planet in question is 55 Cancrie which is also known as Janssen. It is so hot that even its oceans have turned into lava.


"Unaamka hivi, unalala ukiamka tena uko next year, ukilala ukiamka uko year ingine." (When you go to sleep and wake up in the few span of hours you have already crossed to a new year and so forth and so on.) Chito told Cyd in sheer amazement.

Chito went on to speculate that given how hot the planet is said to be maybe that is where hell is.


A curious Cyd seemed to be entertaining the idea as she asked her co-host, "Do you think so? Do you think that is where hell is?" 

Chito took the moment to joke around as he quipped, " Your pastor has been telling you it is underneath, only that it is underneath far away."

Which had Cyd in laughter.

"Let me tell you, there is a pastor somewhere who is preaching on a Sunday, Nasa said they found hell but we know the true hell is where you are going if you do not give your life to Jesus, can I get an amen?" Chito added amidst laughter.

But Cyd was not buying Chito's nor Nasa's speculations saying, " I don't think that is Thee hell. But if hell was a trip away and we are to go with the bible it says there are people screaming there. So they would have gotten there and we would have seen images of all the sinners."

" All they are seeing is big earth burning... earth that is on fire," Chito finished.

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