Cyd and Chito
Kiss Fm presenters Cyd and Chito
Image: Kiss FM

Having African parents is just a recipe for embarrassment, however, we love them regardless.

Kiss FM hosts Chito and Cyd shared their personal experiences where they had experienced embarrassment from Kenyan moms.

" Yoh me I have a story of a friend of mine who was beaten in front of us, her friends. She was beaten in the school's assembly ground by her mother," Cyd said amidst laughter.


Chito went on to share his story amid spasms of laughter.

" I remember this club... true story, I remember the club of one of the pals, we had gone out to the club so we snuck out with her. Us guys we had left with permission, her she had snuck out. Let me tell you, when her mom came she went to the Dj booth because it was at the local near our house. She said I'm looking for (I will not say her name) then as she looked up and saw her daughter, she removed her slippers and threw them at her! At the club!" Chito narrated clearly still in shock years later that that had happened.

Cyd was in bouts of laughter as she quipped that you can always trust your African parents to embarrass you.


"Trust your African mom to do that. Trust your Kenyan mom to do that," Cyd said.

As Chito added that that had been an extreme before adding that being an African child is an extreme sport, which his co-host wholeheartedly agreed.

"It is like gliding with an avalanche, it is like skating... eehh it is just an extreme sport," Chito said.

Cyd asked Chito if he thought he would wear the typical African parents pants once he is a father to which Chito replied that he was unsure but would not like to be that type of parent.

" As a parent... I don't know man, but I don't want to be that parent... I mean I'll just be..." 

But before he could finish Cyd cut him short asking, " don't you think there is a joy to it?" 

To which Chito said he'll leave the toughness to his partner, he'll be the fun dad. "I'll be the father who is like let us go party, then you hear their mother in the background yelling where are you going? Get back here! And I'm like it's not me baby girl, it is your mother."

Cyd finished off by saying for the fun of it she'll be that mom especially when it comes to giving the look.

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