at a photoshoot
Otile Brown at a photoshoot
Image: Courtesy

Otile Brown will soon be the newest homeowner in town.

The Kenyan R&B singer has invested millions into a project that will see him move into his own lavish home in a few months time.

Otile Brown will join only a handful of Kenyan celebrities who built or bought multimillion shillings homes.


The 'Woman' hitmaker recently took to social media to show off his huge bungalow which is still under construction.

The established singer shared his experience with prospective homeowners.

He noted that building a mansion from scratch is more advantageous than buying a house that is already built.


"For real buying a house is not the same as building one. Building is special," he said.'

The singer also revealed that construction works for his mansion will be completed in five months time.

He said the bungalow has been under construction for the past two months.

"I am trying to finish this in five months inshallah. It's 2 months old now," Otile said.

Otile's backyard to his mansion
Image: Mpasho
Otile's frontyard of his mansion
Image: Mpasho

Size 8 and DJ Mo are also currently building their own mansion.

The celebrity couple held a groundbreaking ceremony on April 20, 2022, to mark the beginning of the construction work for their new house.

The event was attended by many people among them renowned content creators Terrence Creative and his wife Milly Chebby, WaJesus, and many other YouTubers.

It was also disclosed that the piece of land DJ Mo and Size 8 are constructing their house is located at Daykio, which is on Kiganjo Road off Thika Super Highway.

The event commenced with Size 8 and DJ Mo cutting a ribbon paving way for the construction to begin.

The couple's house will have six bedrooms, a prayer room, a home theatre, and a studio.

DJ Mo and Size 8 revealed that they had invested Ksh40 million to build their dream retirement home.

The duo is currently renting a huge mansion in the leafy Lavington suburb.

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