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Kiss FM presenters with Elani at Kiss FM studios
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Elani, one of Kenya’s musical bands, has come out to explain why the R&B group took a break from the Kenyan music scene.

Speaking during an interview with Kiss FM, Maureen and Brian identified that they left the music scene when the 2020 COVID pandemic affected the country.

However, they all acknowledge that their partner, Brian, has been putting in some individual music projects that are ready for release.


Elani is an eternal family, we intend to have no breakups although during the Covid era, it was so tough for us,” answered Brian when asked if the group decided to call it quits.

The two continued to explain that they decided to approach the pandemic individually when Brian started his musical projects away from the group.

Maureen stated, “Project-wise, during the Pandemic, Brian took a project away from the group and we have supported him through out because the group is stronger when individuals get stronger.”


One of the projects Brian Chweezy has produced is a song called ‘I Believe’ which revolves around current marital conversations.

My single, I Believe, simply talks about love, you know how everyone wants to love and everyone wants to heal from love and generally the song is about a guy in situationships and it is so deep that I would want to base my legacy in making people believe in themselves.” Explained Brian.

 Check out the Music video below:

Obinna jokingly asked whether Brian has ever been dumped and to his surprise, Brian has suffered ‘character development' after a couple of heartbreaks from past relationships.

In relation to individual projects, Brian also mentioned that he has kick-started a platform, Fan bus.

It will help empower undisputed talent from unfortunate artists adding that it was hard for them because they didn’t learn from another’s mistake.

Maureen added that a lot of artists who have made it in the industry don’t share their stories which upcoming artists can learn from.

Instead, they leave them to make the same mistakes and learn from them which pushes the industry down.

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