at the studio
Kamene and Obinna at the studio
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Kamene Goro narrated the story of a man in Nyandarua county who decided to turn over a new leaf in a rather dramatic way.


"These guy takes 20 thousand rolls of marijuana in Nyandarua and to prove to the church and everyone around him that you know he has made a change in his life so he proceeded to burn the rolls of weed," Kamene said amidst laughter.

"No no...  rephrase your language. You know when you say alichoma bhangi," Obinna told his co-host amidst laughter.

" No the thing is he took his 20 thousand rolls and placed them down on the ground then lit them on fire. That one for guys I am done, I am not going to be doing this anymore," Kamene said.


Obinna could still not wrap his head around the whole story, honestly him and I both.

First off, how? Where? 20 thousand rolls of marijuana? Really?

"Bro! Okay, like  if you were going to dispose... like a two year old, if you were going to dispose off marijuana wouldn't the safest way to dispose off it be the way it is not consumed? " Kamene asked her co-host.

"Alizichoma kwa kanisa? (He burnt the rolls in the church?)" Obinna asked in amusement.

"Manze bro watu walikuwa matingz, I am sure ( yes he did and I'm sure people in the church were high/ intoxicated through inhaling the smoke.) " Kamene said as she burst into laughter. 

" Watu wa choir wako around.... " Obinna could not even complete the statement as both of them started laughing hysterically.

Kamene and Obinna in an animated way tried playing out the scenario and how they thought the church congregation might have felt.

" Sasa yoh... manze mbona najiskia hivi (now why I'm I feeling like this)" Kamene said in a slow dragging voice.

"We bless you our son...  you've made the right decision..."  Obinna replied to Kamene dragging his voice as well.

The two burst into laughter once again just imagining the scenario.

Kamene posed the question to her listeners to try and imagine the fact that one roll can be shared among six people and they'll be high now try and envision what 20 thousand rolls would do to people.

Obinna joked that he is sure that they saw Jesus during that occurrence and totally spoke in tongues. 

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