with her beautiful hairstyle
Huddah Monroe with her beautiful hairstyle
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Beauty mogul cum socialite, Huddah Monroe, is known for being incredibly vocal about anything as long as she feels the need. 

The gorgeous 30-year-old decided to open up on social media and share tidbits of advice with people looking forward to getting married.

The socialite in a video advised her fans to only get married when they are ready to start a family.

She added that these days most people get married for the wrong reasons and thus end up leaving the marriages as fast as they entered into them.

Huddah in true form discouraged people from getting married just for intimacy. 

"You should get married because you want to start a family not because you're thinking of intimacy, cheating, and all that. How many men are you going to leave for cheating?  You'll die alone. If a man is beating you then you can leave... otherwise other things are selfish. If your priority is to get married because you want to have intimacy then you're wrong."

Valid point if you ask me. 


In an earlier post, Huddah revealed a secret that she has always kept to herself. The beauty mogul was apparently married in the past, for four years! At only 19-years of age.

According to Huddah, she divorced her husband as he was a drug addict. 

She added that the main reason she did not speak about it was that nobody cared as she was not a famous person.

"I was married for four years at 19 years. We did not have a child and I divorced him. This is because the man was a drug addict. I wasn't famous so I didn't advertise it," Huddah revealed. 

She has in the past kept her love life a secret giving hints here and there up until recently when she started paraded her 'love' with Tanzanian singer Juma Jux.

In a recent interview while in Tanzania, Huddah said she will get married soon to a Tanzanian man. She, however, denied dating Juma Jux.

"Very soon, I am getting married. I'm dating someone in Tanzania," she said but refused to reveal who the man is.

Huddah laughed as the media asked if that man is Jux. She responded, "Hahaha I don't know," insisting that she and Jux are only friends despite rumors.

Adding, "More importantly we are business partners We have been doing business for a very long time, it's just that we have never put it online that we are business partners."

Huddah's most famous public relationship was with rapper Prezzo.

After their breakup, when attending Big Brother's house in South Africa, Huddah cried on TV claiming that she missed Prezzo.

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