cyd wambui in kiss studio with Chito
cyd wambui in kiss studio with Chito

Chito and Cyd just like a lot of other Kenyans, are on gubernatorial seat aspirant Johnson Sakaja's radar because the man has social media corridors on fire! 

"Sakaja is trending! Yesterday he was trending for lack of papers and people went and found out that he was in the university of Uganda. But today, he is trending over his dimples."

"Women are going mad!" Chito added.


Cyd went on to second Chito's comment adding that she'd seen the online frenzy as well.

"So he uploaded a picture on Facebook... and the streets were not ready! The females were femali'ng because wueh... he looks delicious," Cyd said.     

Chito burst into laughter following his co-host's remarks.


Why is this man in politics? He should be a model or something. Like if he smiled and asked me to purchase shaving cream I would and I do not even have a beard.

" He looked delicious. Ghai ata sikuwa nimewahi notice (I had not noticed before) Sakaja, I can call you sir... Sir-kaja..." Cyd said amidst giggles sending Chito into bouts of laughter.

Chito decided to change the topic because the room was getting a little sir-hot.

"But anyway it proves that there are deal breakers and amazing things that you look for in somebody. Like you can see someone who is fine, katoto fine everything agrees and you are like oh my God this girl fine thing! Every day every day. Then there are others you look at and you're like naaah, nopes." Chito said

Cyd agreed adding, " That thing that people say, that nonsense that it is what is in the inside that counts... before we get to the inside no..." 

Chito tried advocating for the other side by chanting the slogan that beauty is on the inside before changing his mind on the subject.

"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, look for character. It is not outward beauty that matters it is inward nonsense," the radio host said amidst spams of laughter.

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