at a photoshoot
Otile Brown at a photoshoot
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Otile Brown believes Kenya is the hub of music in the entire world, a brave statement which he was ready to defend.

Speaking exclusively to, the 'Jeraha' hit maker believes Kenyans set the trend on how the rest of the world consumes music.

He believes that whenever Kenyans touch on any song, it ends up being an instant global hit.


"Kenya is a hub of music in the world people don't even know. There are a number of Nigerian music that have been dragging until Kenyans pick them," said Otile.  

"Until Kenyans pick it, when Kenyans picks it on TikTok know that's a global hit."

Adding, We just don't know the power that we have and that's why you see Nigerians spend a lot on rotation in our radio stations and everything.


Otile gave an example of how West African artists have paid for loads of advertisements on YouTube, showcasing the extent they are willing to go to have a bigger reach.

The superstar says we are surrounded by so many selfish people who don't value their culture or love their own.

Speaking to Presenter Ali, the Just in Love Music CEO addressed his much publicized beef with Arrow Bwoy.

Otile said that Arrow Bwoy disrespected their work relationship.

He came out to publicly call out Arrow Bwoy calling upon him to pull down a song they did together from Arrow Bwoy's Focus album.

According to the star, Arrow Bwoy released a song without his consent terming the move as unprofessional.

"We had talked and Arrow Bwoy is among artists I respected so much. I respect all of you and I fear God so much," Otile said.

"Arrow Bwoy asked me if we could release the song and I said we couldn't release since that song was from the past but he went ahead and released it."