Cashy Karimi
Khaligraph Jones with his baby mama Cashy Karimi

Cashy Karimi is one disgruntled baby mama and she seems to be game in letting the world in on her family drama.

Kenyan celebrated rapper Khaligraph Jones just turned a year older and to celebrate her hubby turning 32, Georgina Amali posted a photo of her and Khalifraph Jones looking cosy.

She captioned the post, "You are THE BEST daddy, love. And we are so blessed to have you." Accompanied by a bouquet of flowers and love emojis. 


Khaligraph's ex and baby mama seemed triggered by this and had a few things to share in regards to the birthday wish post.

Cashy on her Instagram stories wrote, " Haya basi tunapea "best daddy" macho tu. ( OKay then let us all look at the 'best daddy')" 


 She went on to add, " Do you all see the BS now? I think is clear for everyone. Lol, I'd rather be hated for being real than praised for pretending."


Cashy went on to highlight the age difference between her son and Georgina's daughter over claims that fans were asking so as to be able to put a timeline on their relationship and what happened in the past.

She wrote, " Guys some of you are asking my son's age to see if I home-wrecked or something, smh. 


This is the real timeline, Xolani (her son) - born September 2018- by me.

The next birth - June 2019 - not by me 9 referencing Georgina's daughter)" 

Cashy added that the age difference had a lot of question marks hinting that it was evident that she had been played. She finished off her statement by adding, " Age difference... months. Smh na mnasema best darry. Kwendeni sana. (And you claim he's the best darry, to hell with all of you.) 

The former artist finished off her rant.

From late last week, Cashy launched claims that Papa Jones wasn't helping take care of their 4-year-old son.

She added that her kid with the 'Invisible currency' hit-maker was suffering and did not even have warm clothes for this harsh cold Nairobi weather.

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