with Keranta on the right
Content creator Flaqo Raz on the left together with Keranta on the right
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Popular Kenyan content creator Flaqo Raz has finally set his record straight regarding his relationship with fellow Youtuber, Keranta. 

Speaking in a recent interview Flaqo said that he was single and currently not seeing anyone. But then the story of Keranta came up and Flaqo kinda short of words revealed that they are just friends.

" Keranta... by the way people ask me about Keranta... Keranta is a friend and tunafanya.... my manager and Keranta's manager is the same. Just the same way my manager is Trio Mio's manager, my manager is Cindy K03'S manager," Flaqo said.


"So that is why I'm normally around Keranta so much... also the agent who directs my shoots and Keranta's creative is the same person. Yeah... so... that's it. Plus I edit some of her videos," Flaqo added in a bid to truly clear the air and reassure their fans all over that there was nothing going on between the two of them.

On whether he had ever tried shooting his short or tried getting out of the friendzone corner, Flaqo laughed adding that him and Keranta were cool like brothers and their relationship was purely platonic.

'Aahh Keranta ni boyz...  Keranta ni boyz. By the way mnaulizanga hii swali sana (you guys like asking this question a lot.)" Flaqo said clearly short of words and intent on not saying the wrong thing or probably revealing too much. .

He however said that the future is always full of surprises so he can not totally rule out the possibility of something happening. But as of the now... the present, him and Keranta were just cool friends and work buddies. 

"I mean... siwezi sema...  you never know, but Keranta ni boyz... aki mnaforce issues, (you guys are forcing this dating thing)" Flaqo said mid laughter and seemingly quite shy talking about the whole issues.

Kenyans had a few things to say about the issue, below are a few comments.

kadama_mawi: The stutter gave an answer 

httpseugene: Kijana enda direct unatupotezea muda (young man, go direct to the point, stop wasting our time) 

_.kizito: Bestie bestie chumbwi 

tim.muchiri: Emoshonoo Damage

mainaa._ : Tunajua Kanairo (we know Nairobi) 

irenemuttai: Boiz... woiii

kalishrumii: Boiys ni wengi Kanairo

tonny_gretas: Boyz tena

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