DJ Akademics
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Social media is currently in an uproar due to audio circulating of DJ Akademiks speaking on being intimate with women of a certain age.

Being no stranger to controversy, DJ Akademiks, is at the centre of a controversy after the audio circulated of him speaking about sleeping with women who are underage.

According to The Shade Room, what triggered a lot of people, was the fact that he is heard specifically saying “There’s not much difference between a 20 or a 17.


In the full audio, Akademiks further explains his theory regarding having sex with young women and also those who are under the age of 18:

And to keep it real if you think about it in the bigger scheme of things, there’s not much difference between a 20 or a 17 or a 21 and a 17,” He is heard saying.



As expected, social media was brutal when responding to his statements as many called out his thought process and labeled him a sexual predator and a paedophile.

However, a number of other social media users believed that his comments were taken out of context.

Although highly active on social media, as of now DJ Akademiks has neither publicly responded to the backlash of his comments nor has he even come out to agree on whether what ‘he said’ was true.

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