Kameme Goro
KIss fm host Kameme Goro
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

When you look at our very own queen of radio, Kamene Goro, one would never assume that she had been duped when it comes to matters of love.

In the past, she has opened up about the extreme things she did all in the name of pleasing and keeping her men at the time.

These things did not however stop her from being dumped. Let's take a look below;


Furnishing his house

Kamene has in the past furnished a house for a guy she was dating. Sharing on her experience with her co-host, Oga Obinna, she narrated;

"I have done many things. There was an ex of mine who I furnished their house. I am so silly. I bought everything in that house, lamp, carpet, chairs but looking back, that was very foolish," she said.



"I feel like I need to send movers to go pick my things. Anyway, the woman he is dating right must be going through a lot of things under that man."

Buying him lunch and paying for random bills

In the past, Kamene had narrated how a guy she was in a situationship with would ask her for 'lunch' and not on one occasion.

'There is a guy I used to date. On our first date, I ended up giving him 16K. There is something that he needed to take care of.

He was like, 'Unaeza kua na 16K kwa Mpesa? I will refund you later.' To make it look legit he even paid for the bill."

Kamene added that that was just the beginning of her woes.

'The next time he wanted 22K to fly to Kisumu. Before long he would ask me to send cash for lunch so like the good girlfriend I was I would send 5K or 2K. I realized there was something fundamentally wrong with the situation but I did not leave."

Hand washing clothes 

These were not just any clothes but jeans, which her ex-husband used to love wearing. This was despite her Tanzanian ex-husband having a washing machine and house helps to run the house.

Sharing her experience with Jalang'o, Kamene said she ended up with bruised hands which she had to nurse for days. She vowed to never do the same ever again.

What's the craziest thing you have done for love? 

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