Oga Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Kiss FM presenter Oga Obinna had a few words to share with the female audience today. Class was in session and the 32-year-old was in full force professor costume.

"Closed mouths do not get fed. Open your mouth, talk, ask, if you want ask for it. Men do not sense." Obinna shared his words of wisdom.

"Really?" Kamene asked quizzically.

"I'm not talking about food..." her co-host clarified before bursting into laughter at his innuendo.

" Kama unapenda kimwanaume ambia kimwanaume ( if you love a man then tell the man)..." Obinna said before Kamene cut him off asking if he had lost his senses.

"Are you mad?" Kamene asked in sheer disbelief that Obinna expected a lady to outright shoot her shot.


" Hiko kimtu kimekaa hapo tu na hatarealize ( the guy will just be chilling not realizing that you actually have feelings)" Obinna said, defending his earlier statement.

"You guys do not tell?" Kamene asked taken aback by her co-host's statement.

" Men do not sense Kamene let me tell you. We will never tell if a lady likes us. Never," Obinna said.

Before adding, " but we know who we like... because maybe you like me but I like your friend. Now unless you open your mouth and talk, utakufa hapo tu na njaa (you'll just die of hunger) "

Obinna went on to highlight the benefits of girls speaking up for themselves. He said, " Ukijiongea mwanaume atakua eehh ( when you speak for yourself a man might notice you and rethink his options) by the way... wait a minute labda ,maybe that was a match made in heaven."

Before insisting that ladies need to learn to open their mouths as it might help both parties settle on a far better relationship.

"Open your mouth! Closed mouths do not get fed," Obinna finished of his class.

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