Oga Obinna
Image: Kiss FM Kenya

Kiss FM presenter Oga Obinna is an unhappy man this morning and he has no intentions of hiding it.

According to the radio host, his expectations and the reality that hit him during the Father's Day celebrations were two things the world's apart.

" The irony is on fathers day actually no one gives a hoot... like all they do is text you happy fathers day. Nobody does anything." Obinna lamented.


He went on to add that personally, he did not receive any exotic gifts as he had anticipated.

" I did not receive any voucher for the spa, any voucher for lunch, any new shoes or clothes. Nobody paid rent or school fees or anything. All you get is WhatsApp messages... wow," Obinna ranted.


Kamene trying to neutralize the situation reminded her co-host that dad was actually posted across social media platforms so that was a win, " I mean but you guys were also posted like I..." 


But even before she could finish her statement Obinna jumped on the statement calling it lies. " By who? Where? "

"By like your kids...  and your baby mamas..." a somewhat confused Kamene Goro said as she could not believe the day had passed unceremoniously.


"Eeehh... where? Which kids? Baby mamas are posting their baby daddies... we are talking about fathers... you're talking about this one... that is just one man." Obinna argued.

"Baby daddies are not fathers?" A confused Kamene Goro asked her co-host.

"That is one man... Frankie is just Frankie... I'm talking about the whole fraternity... compare it to mothers day. Aki hamtufanyii vizuri (you guys are not treating us well) " Obinna said.

He went on to compare the celebration to mothers day that was celebrated just a month prior.

"Me I'm telling you Kamene, mothers day, women's day, sijui girls day, shawrys day, side chiqs day, then fathers day nobody does anything... it's okay tukona mungu (it's alright we have God on our side)" Obinna sadly finished off his rant.

A twitter user replied to their conversation noting that the official day hadn't yet occurred.

@Miles Snr wrote: Official father's day is on 21st Tuesday 2022

While@iDennisCollins said: That only applies to Wazungu (white people) the African child ikienda sana a text.

As another user joked that people could not post their real dads over fear of upsetting their wababas.

@Aaqqlyja KE wrote: It all went wrong, people were not able to differentiate their wababa's with their fathers. Utapost babako mubaba aseme umeanza kunicheza na mwingine and hivo ndio utakosa bills.

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