his wife Amira
Left Jimal's ex Amber Ray, Jimal and on the right his wife Amira

Famous entrepreneur and businessman Jamal Marlow is popularly known to the public as Jimal Rohosafi is from a different kind of school when it comes to relationships.

Jimal who is Amber Ray's ex threw the internet into a frenzy with his Instagram post today. 

Showing off his new hair cut Jimal captioned the post, " Once I notice that am sharing you, I will leave you for them. I need a soulmate, not a hot spot." Before thanking his new barber for making him look fresh.


Many were confused with the post and netizens online being who they are had different views and they flocked to the boss man's page to share their two cents.

While most commented that they had their suspicions on whom the post was hinting at, others called Jimal out for his hypocrisy saying he was crying foul because he had been served a big bowl of character development and had not healed 6 months later. 


Media personality Joe Muchiri being realistic about how well relationships (especially in Nairobi) work asked Jimal, " what if you are the hot spot?" 


To which the father of two ironically responded to the comment letting Joe know that men can hot spot as many devices as he fancies.

Jimal wrote, " For men, it is acceptable bro." 


The hypocrisy and double standards are full to the brim and leaking, shame shame shame.

Below are a few comments.

@getsally_: and you expect them (ladies) to stay loyal sharing you? Eye roll

@waithera_brandih: Ceo of hot spot

@Chrisbonitah: Wisdom, No sharing

@sallybakehouse: players playing holy. Zile drama zote siseme kitu ( all the drama that you showcased... I'll just be quite)

@leahkoi98: No one knows why he said this. What if hata huyo mnasema was good? Is not all you think

@fridah.hannington: But you were sharing yourself among women recently, have you just discovered who you are?

@sierra802512: Lakini ulichezea soulmate karata na hot spot ( but you gambled playing your soulmate with a hotspot)

@carol_katanu254: Titi for Tati

@yrimu6: players be jealous

@luciahpeter: look who is talking, hot spot yenyewe

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