Brown Mauzo
Socialite Vera Sidika with her hubby Brown Mauzo

Entrepreneur and social media personality Vera Sidika is on fire for apparently lying to netizens.

The beauty salon and spa owner decided to clear out her closet by doing a little sale on her Instagram stories. 

Vera posted that she had unisex sports shoes/ sneakers that she would be selling at "clearance sale value" adding that the price would range from a thousand shillings to 1500 shillings maximum before putting up the posts.


In a bid to encourage people to make purchases she added another post before she started posting the shoes saying that all the shoes that she was going to put up on sale are brand new.

Vera wrote, " All shoes are brand new, (they have) just been in the store but have never been worn before." 

However online sleuths who are always working 24/7 were quick to catch the former socialite in her lie.


Apparently, a pair from her posts was not as new as the mother of one might have wanted us to think. Netizens noted that earlier this year her baby daddy Brown Mauzo had been spotted with that exact pair of sneakers.

Sneakers Vera Sidika had put on sale
Image: Instagram

In a post dated March 11th on Vera's Instagram page, Brown Mauzo is seen posing next to the entrepreneur wearing the exact same pair of shoes like the ones Vera had put up for sale on her stories. 

Kenyans were also quick to note that even though she had said all the sneakers on sale were brand new, in her posts some shoes had the "new" sticker next to them while others just had the size, number to contact and price stickers online.

Mmhm... what a casual omission. 

Below is an example of a post with the "new" sticker on them as opposed to the above ones that identically resemble Brown Mauzo's shoes. 

Brown Mauzo in support of is baby mama also posted identical posts of the sneakers on sale online on his Instagram page.

Neither one between the two has commented anything in regards to the sleuths' suspicions. But knowing Vera and bearing evidence from her designer bag incident we can bet that she'll address this.

This is not the first time the 32-year-old has been caught stretching the truth online.

Tsk tsk when will people learn the internet never forgets and netizen sleuths are always on the watch?

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