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Kiss Fm presenters Cyd and Chito
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Well if thought your love could conquer the world, Cyd Wambui just came across a very interesting story that will have you thinking again and Chito's reactions will just have you on the floor.

Don't fret it is kind of hilarious, well not on the receivers end. 

So apparently according to Cyd's narration love got into the way of one hustler and he lost it. 


"This hawker was seriously selling in the market, he was really trying to get customers and all that. Then after a while a guy around the same area turns to propose to his babe randomly, and now everyone is giving the guy attention," Cyd started the story trying to contain her laughter.

"You know it was such an aaww moment. The fact that it is in the market not withstanding," Cyd added building up to the juicy part of the story.

Also how unromantic are people these days? Really ? From proposing awkwardly at the supermarket till to proposing at a crowded noisy fast food eatery and now a market place? 


I get that you really want the girl but where is the effort? 

No one said it had to be done there and then.

Ooohh well... back to Cyd's story. 

So according to Cyd, the hawker got furious with the guy and his proposal.

"Now this hawker got mad and he was like you will know, he beat up the guy who was proposing. Alimchapa, alimtwanga (he furiously beat up the guy)


He was like why are you taking all the attention away from me?" CYd said as she uncontrollably started laughing envisioning the scenario.

Her co-host, Chito joined her in the bursts of laughter before he went ahead to defend the hawker and his actions, "it is a fair game, do not stop a man doing his business for your love story. You should have moved a bit to the left and have your aaww moment there." 

Cyd did not seem to agree with her co-host adding, " nooo... but it was an aaaww moment. I feel like the hawker overreacted." 

"It does not matter, you need to have good timing when you are proposing ata wewe," Chito added.

As Cyd added that minus everything she sorta did sympathize with the hawker, " but I feel like this guy had really tried to sell. He had a couple of like bad days, and then this was just the tipping point." 

Chito clearly on the hawkers side jokingly added that the hawker should have even beaten them with his stock, " kwanza angechapa hao watu na stock yake, pelekeni love yenu huko. How do you bring your love in front of my business?"

Chito finished off as they both burst into bouts of laughter once again.

What are your thoughts on this story?

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