Grace Ekirapa
Pascal Tokodi and his wife Grace Ekirapa
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Speaking to Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi new mom Grace Ekirapa just revealed that she is not big on gifts and why she feels her hubby's push present is an everyday thing.

Before we go further just realized I might have lost some of you. 

So a push gift (also called a push present) is a gift that a new mom is presented with either by her partner or her family to mark the occasion of her giving birth to their child.


Pretty fancy huh. 

And no it is not the gifts you bring at the baby shower, this is a special after labor gift.

On the interview Grace revealed that her love language is mainly quality time and physical touch thus she really does not fancy material gifts that badly.

The singer/ TV host stressed that spending time with her man is greater than any tangible gift she might receive. 


According to her every time her husband mentions how deeply he is in love with her that is a gift she treasures. 

"I think he gives me a push gift every day when he tells me he loves me," Grace said.

"Every couple has a love language. Mine is not just only about gifts, it's his presence. I think I am allergic to his absence.

Every time he is not home, I am like, I can't wait to see him." Grace added gushing like a high school teen in love.

Also, him taking care of our baby, just that is more than any other gift."

Grace heaped praises at her husband saying he has been extremely supportive in raising their daughter.

"Pascal has more night trips with the baby than I do," she said. before adding that Pascal is sort of a night owl so she is usually not alone while breastfeeding .

Adding that the actor cum singer is so good at taking care of the baby it seems as if he has had a couple rounds at fatherhood.

"He is awake most of the time at night and so when the baby wakes up to feed he is there with her. It's like he has done it before. I like the fact that he is extremely supportive in the journey. I only breastfeed." Grace finished off

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